IGM A5 Glue Feeder for PVA, stainless, 5 kg capacity

IGM A5 Glue Feeder for PVA, stainless, 5 kg capacity

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A small stainless steel PVA glue dispenser.
Can be used out on jobs thanks to its small size.
For smaller and medium-sized carpentry workshops or for furniture production.

• Pressure tank: Stainless steel
• Capactiy: 5 kg
• Maximum pressure: 5 bar
• Weight: 11 kg
• Length x width x height: 30 x 30 x 52 cm

High-quality and non-problematic glue feeders dramatically save your time when gluing or spraying adhesives and paints, when compared to a regular method of application. They are ideal for water-based dispersion glues (PVA) for high strength wood joining. Equipped with a special dosing or spraying gun which makes the use of PUR glues available and allows spraying of solvent-based or water-based adhesives. The feeders are reliable, efficient and easy to maintain. We also offer a wide range of nozzles for gluing dowel and tenon joints, grooves, buscuit joints and surfaces etc.

• Accurate, fast and economical adhesive application.
• Constant and fluent glue application.
• Stainless steel, high-quality pressure tank.
• Robust lid clamping system with 4 metal clips according to CE.
• Glue gun with adjustment of glue flow.
• Reach of the gun with a hose: 3 m.
• Wide range of nozzles and jets.

The feeders are equipped with a pressure valve, pressure gauge, precise locking system and a glue gun holster. Includes one glue gun with adjustable amount of glue. Can be fitted with up to 3 optional glue guns. The glue application is constant and fluent, there is no interruption when applying, when compared to manual application. To fill the container with glue, close the lid and pressurize the tank to the maximum of 5 bar and disconnect from the compressor. The glue gun operates at pressures up to 1 - 0,5 bar. Then you have to re-pressurize the tank. Wide range of optional adapters and nozzles offering various ways of application available.

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